How are you able to make a custom fitting suit with virtual measurements?

We utilize software that builds on the technology in the iPhone FaceID that takes 65 different measurements based off of a 3D avatar that is created from your front facing and side profile picture.

Do you offer wedding packages without purchasing a membership?

We love weddings and we do offer a special non-member price for weddings only.  Of course if we're being honest you'll love us so much you and your groomsmen are going to want to be members. Please email sales@harrison-park.com for more information and to schedule a virtual or in person consultation (in person consultations are geographically limited).

Do you offer personal consultations?

Yes. We offer both virtual and in person consultations.

I live in Boston, can I schedule an in person consultation?

At this time we are only doing in person consultations in the Greater Rochester NY Market, but we are hoping to taking Harrison and Park offline with mini boutiques in major cities in the near future.

Where are your garments made?

We utilize two main workshops. One in Spain and one in Mainland China.

I saw that your timeline is 6 to 8 weeks, can I get my suit sooner?

Yes you can. Please email sales@harrison-park.com with more details on your timeline requirements. Please be advised there will be a rush fee.

What happens if I don’t like what I ordered?

Please see the section on Returns, Cancellations, and Alterations.

Do you keep my measurements on file for future orders?

We keep your measurements in your file and we will ask you if you need new measurements when placing future orders. If it is something innocuous that you would like changed such as shortening the pant length or making the waist a touch smaller please let us know and we can make the changes without having to build a new pattern.


If you have a question that the FAQ has not answered please reach out to our customer care team at customercare@harrison-park.com