About Us

Harrison and Park Hand Tailoring is the brainchild of Mr. Alexander Lesser. He likes to describe his personal style as midcentury menswear with a modern twist. A man who appreciates amazing fit and fabrics, Mr. Lesser believes that every man should have the opportunity to dress their best and should be able to do so affordably. During the COVID-19 shutdown, Mr. Lesser set out to create something new, a truly bespoke online experience complete with virtual contact free measuring. After 2 years of research and development Harrison and Park Hand Tailoring was finally launched in May of 2022.

Mr. Lesser has spent over five years in the fine menswear industry prior to the creation of Harrison and Park. He cut his teeth at Men’s Wearhouse where he refined his sense of style and design focusing on selling their limited version of custom menswear. After a couple of years he had a desire to break out of the corporate mold and work at a true bespoke tailor and he accepted a position managing the showroom of a renowned custom clothier in Manhattan. It was there that he learned the finer points of pattern making and fit.

After a few years in NYC, Mr. Lesser and his wife decided to move back home to start a family which is when he started working on what would become Harrison and Park Hand Tailoring. The one thing Mr. Lesser wanted to ensure was that anyone could afford his suits. While he loved the quality of the suits he was selling in NYC, he disliked how unaffordable they were for someone starting out. While looking at the numbers he realized that if he eschewed a traditional brick and mortar store front, opting instead for an online only platform, he could not only have a wider audience, but also lower costs. He has become obsessed with cutting costs without sacrificing quality, striving to earn the moniker “the affordable bespoke tailor”

Mr. Lesser currently resides in Rochester NY with his wife Hannah, their son Liam, and their dogs Poozie and Ophelia.